It must be “the southern shining one” as I faced toward the south, then I saw “one, two, three” in east, and one of them must be Suhayl. The constellation now looks like an imperfect diamond with the sharp edge on the horizon. As I take a closer look, I realized the sky was strangely clear, the uncommon came out. Three stars standing in a straight line.
Past night I had a strange dream, it was about someone who I longed her smile in night and days. A part of me knew that we just had promised to not text, greet, or call each other for days, months, years, until the time someone breaks the promise. But her presence was beyond my rational. I started to sing, even though it sounded like mumbles, and walk toward the corner. I heard she was repeating after me. I turned my back and she looked at me with her smile. “Why?” I asked. “I’m just following you” she replied. I don’t exactly remember what did I say when I was dreaming. We crossed our way, and she was waving her hand.
I jumped on my computer (Stellarium), after prayer, just to make sure that the star I saw was correctly named. How surprised I was, the one who shines the most was Suhayl. The name which I’ve always wanted to fit in my son. Thinking of son reminded me of my parents, my parent’s parents, my parent’s grandparents and their ancestors. I wonder, how could they understanding each other, when in distance. A literal communication has never been this powerful, how? Is it true that one’s heart is connected to its loved one? How could they know if their spouse were sick, not doing well, cheating even die? At the moment, the exact moment, did the man felt the same hurt, sick? Is that you, wind, who deliver all the feeling? Sometimes, we just couldn’t tell a story because the moment has gone, I wonder how did they deal with that? As a conservative person, I would think, believing in each other is enough. There might be another, believing in people could be a mere disappointment